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Saliva-based fertility test
Ovu Control

Ovu Control

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Clean the lens with a dry cloth
before and after each use.


When instructions are followed, determining fertility through ovulation microscope has been shown to be 98 % accurate.


The saliva method is scientifically approved and provides a safe way of determining the time of ovulation.


Natural Family Planning

Published online: September 4, 2013

Published online: September 4, 2013

Published online: November 3, 2014

interpretation of results

Natural Family Planning


    Conception is unlikely

    You see a gravel-like pattern with dots and bubbles. You are most probably not fertile.


    Conception is possible, but unlikely

    A few crystals with a slight 'ferning pattern' are visible. You are 3-4 days before ovulation. This is the start of the fertile period.


    Conception is highly probable

    The 'ferning pattern' is clearly visible. Ovulation has begun. Fertility lasts about 3 days. During these fertile days sexual intercourse is recommended if you wish to conceive.


Natural Family Planning

This fertility test, Geratherm ovu control, can help you. There are various ways of tracking a woman's ovulation cycle and thereby establishing the time when she is most likely to get pregnant. The Geratherm ovu control fertility test is based on the optical assessment of dried saliva.

Remove the lens from the casing and clean it with a dust-free cloth. Now use your finger to take a drop of saliva from under your tongue. Place this on the underside of the blue lens cap. Dab the saliva onto the lens. Please do not smear the drop. No bubbles or foam should be visible.

Allow the saliva to dry. This will take about 10 to 15 minutes. The best time to do the test is in the morning before cleaning your teeth and before breakfast. Also, please avoid smoking before taking the saliva sample. If you follow these instructions, the salt concentration in your saliva at the time of maximum fertility will be very easy to detect using the Geratherm ovu control device.

After the saliva has dried, put the lens cap back into the casing of the ovu control. The device contains a mini-microscope. If you wear glasses, please remove them. Then press on the light switch. The microscope provides 50-fold magnification, so that the structure of the dried saliva sample will be clearly visible.


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